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Boutique Lingerie

At La Myrrah, we want to give the lingerie shopper what they’re looking for, whether it be fit, comfort, or style that is satisfying and affordable. We want to create a connection with the Intimate Apparel Enthusiast (IAE) that evokes the feeling that La Myrrah is "My Boutique Lingerie Store.”

You are strong, confident, powerful, and beautiful.

La Myrrah comes from the word Myrrha. Myrrha was the legendary Canaanite/ Greek methodological mother of Adonis. Myrrh was so precious in ancient time that it was one of the gifts of the three eastern Kings. The depiction of Myrrha in art is a woman with the tree of Myrrh grown over her shoulders and fully busted. Combining that beautiful name of Myrrha with a different spelling and LA which very indicative of Latin languages immediately leads people to the origin of our fashion. Colombia is known for the beauty of its women and fashion. The hand crafting is one of the best in the world.

When we came across that America is lacking a lingerie shop that offers the best quality with the right price and women are lost shopping for the right lingerie, we decided to fill the gap. We really found out that most women wear the wrong size and don’t get the attention they deserve, we decided to open this business to furnish the right piece with the full attention to lift the spirit of the shopper and spend the right amount of money for their lingerie.


We started the company in November 2020 and with all the difficulties facing us in this unusual time we are open for business now. The owners are very passionate about the industry and have extensive experience in the world of fashion. Alejandra Garcia, General Manger is a very fashionable young lady and passionate about passing her taste to every client she deals with. We opened this business to fill the gap in the market and to provide the real fit with lingerie lines that are high quality, fashionable, brilliant colors and styles with great price. Our lines will appeal to all women of all ages.

We see ourselves opening shops across America soon. However, we will never lose our focus. We have seen companies come and go, but we are her to serve our clients for decades to come.

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